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Freedom is calling us to follow



About Us

We are passionate about the presence of God and carry a special desire to see God’s children encounter Him through worship. Based in Belgium, we serve on the leadership team of Brussels House of Prayer with a vision to establish a praying, missional community in the ‘heart of Europe.’ 

I (Paul) also hold a degree in Fine Arts – Painting and work as an artist. Wide Open is our first recording project, completed in 2018. We currently have one son, William Isaac, who was born in 2017, bringing much joy with him.

Our Music

Wide Open is available now – place your order using the form below for a physical copy. 

Or click here to download. Also available on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon.


€10 + Postage


01 Wide Open Spaces
02 Deeper Still
03 Humbly I Bow
04 Search my Heart
05 Graceland 




Wide Open Spaces (G)

PDF Chords

Wide Open Spaces (B)

PDF Chords

Deeper Still (C)

PDF Chords

Humbly I Bow (D)

PDF Chords

Search My Heart (C)

PDF Chords

Graceland (C)

PDF Chords